Yonex BG80 (Badminton stringing)

Badminton restring using Yonex BG80 badminton string

"Powerful Smashes with a Solid Feeling"    

Yonex BG80 string contains a tension-retaining braided oval call Vectran, which improves durability. BG80 is an ultra strong and durable Vectran-fiber string that delivers excellent repulsion performance, produces a soft feel on impact and has sensitive control.

The high-modulus Vectran fibre is an advanced material wrapped round a strong multifilament core.

Length: 10m (33 ft)
Gauge: 0.68mm
Key Properties: High Repulsion, Hard Feeling

Made in Japan

YONEX Multifilament features a super-fine diameter for high durability and a soft feel on impact.

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"This string is an excellent all round string and is recommended for club and team players."