Babolat Finebraid (Badminton stringing)

Badminton restring using Babolat Finebraid badminton string

The Babolat Finebraid 0.70 Badminton Strings are composed from multifibre braids with polymamide coating for durability and strength. Also the high tenacity braided multifilaments is constructed with a new resin and reinforced with a double coating for reassurance. This ensures an extended string life and makes it more value for your money. 

- High tenacity braided multifilaments constructed with the new resin and reinforced with a double coating.
- Best technical compromise between touch and durability.
- Multifilament that comes closest to natural gut
- Composition: Multifibre braid with Polyamide coating

- Gauge: 0.70mm
- Length: 10.2 m Sets
- Colour: White

Developed in France