Gamma Synthetic Gut (Tennis Stringing)

Tennis restring using Gamma Synthetic Gut 16 tennis string

An all-around performance string that offers a balance of playability and durability for all playing levels and playing styles.

Gamma Synthetic Gut is a combination of Nylon 6 core, nylon monofilament wraps, nylon coating, and Gamma Irradiation Processing which provides exceptional all around performance for extra playability with superior durability.

·  Type: Solid Core Synthetic
·  Colors: Gold, White, Optic Yellow, Purple, Black, Teal, Royal, Red, Orange

Gamma Irradition Technology

The Original Patented GAMMA Irradiation Process uses high energy gamma irradiation to increase the number of intermolecular bonds in the material to increase the Dynamic Resiliency and strength of the material.

Made in Japan